Legacy Insurance Services is a “Managing General Agency” (MGA) with its corporate legacy arizona auto insurance
headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Legacy is a general agency in the widest sense, as we grow, market, underwrite, issue, and service personal automobile liability and physical damage policies

When you go to a car dealership and purchase a new automobile,

You should have car insurance before you can drive your new vehicle home. Occasionally car shoppers wait till they are in the car dealership before calling their
present car insurance companies about the brand new car. From time to time, automobile shoppers who
are searching for their first cars — automobile shoppers who don’t already have car
insurance for one more car — wait until the day of the purchase to purchase a car
insurance policy.

These methods are catchy. Neither gives the new automobile owner
Time to search around for a cheap car insurance quote, and leaves the new car
owner with couple of car insurance options.

If you are in the market for a new car the best method is to
Get a cheap insurance quote before buying your vehicle, and you can do this by
following these tips:

Choose your automobile before you buy it. There are

Several actions to this. First, decide what type of vehicle that you desire. Keep in mind a
secure, dependable car with many security features will get you a inexpensive insurance
quote. After that, look at sales papers, taking note of the vehicle dealerships in your
area that sell the vehicle you desire. Finally, see the automobile dealership simply to
introduce yourself and allow a salesman know your intentions.

Contact your current car insurance company. Let them know
You’re in the process of purchasing a new vehicle. Ask them if they can give you a brand new car
insurance quote.

Contact other car insurance companies. If you do not have a
Present car insurance company, or you want a less costly insurance quote than that which
Your present company gave you, today is your chance to shop around. Talk to
Many car insurance companies to get a inexpensive insurance quote prior to you
Actually buy your vehicle.

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